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6 Financial Bloggers Share Mantras for Managing a Successful Website

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The financial industry is not an exception to the blogging boom. Many personal finance bloggers start out by offering money-saving tips and chronicling their own financial journeys.

Some people’s trips result in a prosperous business. It’s been amazing to observe the evolution of the blogging and podcasting communities. Numerous podcasts and blogs have advanced significantly in sophistication and viability. 

Want to run a successful finance website? Hear from 6 financial bloggers who share their secret success mantras. 

Jim Wang – Wallet Hacks

This is a personal finance site that offers tips and solutions for improving your finances and your life. The blog makes money through affiliate marketing and display ads. 

Success Mantra: “You don’t have to have a fully formed, ‘perfect’ business idea when you start. Whatever you start must fulfill a need in the market and must be developed, but what ultimately succeeds may be something different. It’s better to start a business that you think fulfills a need and then tweak and tailor it to the actual need. Don’t wait to perfect something on paper; just get it to a point where it’s ‘good enough’ and launch.”

Robert Farrington – The College Investor

This is a blog that provides millennials with personal money and investing guidance. For college students, recent grads, and young people, The College Investor focuses on themes related to investing and student loan debt. His blog generates revenue from brand collaborations, affiliate marketing, display advertising, and sales of his own products. 

Success Mantra: “For anyone just starting out, there are three keys to online success: 1. Consistency; 2. Creating the best product/service; and 3. Time. For an online business, like a blog, creating the best is about creating the best content: written, audio, video. Then, you need to do it consistently.

And finally, you need to do it over a long period of time—this means at least one year. If you do all three, you have a high likelihood of success.” 

Chelsea Brennan – Smart Money Mamas

The mission of Smart Money Mamas is to transform the way we talk about money by empowering moms to connect with all facets of their finances in a way that helps them get over emotional obstacles, pinpoint their top priorities, and establish the sound financial practices that will enable them to accomplish their most important objectives. The blog features sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, digital items, online events, and advertising. 

Success Mantra: “As an entrepreneur, you have so many options, and the roller coaster of ‘This is going to be awesome’ and ‘What was I thinking?’ can sometimes give you whiplash. It is important to learn how to step back, ignore what other businesses are doing, and evaluate our progress.”

Amy Blacklock and Vicki Cook – Women Who Money

A website devoted to empowering both men and women to manage their money. A personal finance website called “Women Who Money” is committed to offering reliable financial data. There is something here for everyone, whether you’re just starting to grasp the fundamentals of personal finance or you’re farther along in developing a financial empire. 

Success Mantra: “Being a successful business owner requires you to take care of yourself and your relationships as well as your business. When you don’t have enough time off and too little sleep, you’ll get run down, and you won’t be as effective in your business. Therefore, taking breaks, eating well, exercising, and spending time with loved ones will help you stay healthy and thrive for your business and family.”

Eric Nisall – EricNisall.com

This blog covers all financial information, including personal money, income tax, and business guidance. Despite the fact that Nisall claims to make some money from adverts, his site primarily serves as a traffic generator for his accounting and tax business. 

Success Mantra: “A big key is to not look at what others are doing or making because each person and business is unique. What works for one person/business isn’t always going to work for another, and oftentimes people only talk about the sunshine and rainbows without mentioning the negatives like self-employment taxes, time investment, etc.”

Tori Dunlap – Her First 100K

Almost three million women have benefited from the advice of podcast presenter and widely respected financial and career expert Tori Dunlap, who has also helped them negotiate salaries, pay off debt, save money, and invest. With a devoted following of over 3 million, over 9 million podcast downloads, and numerous instances of her story going viral, Tori has established herself as the go-to source for ambitious millennial women who are interested in making money decisions. 

Success Mantra: “To be a successful entrepreneur, you must serve before you sell. Spend time growing your following, gaining credibility, and building relationships. Moreover, focus on providing value and relatable guidance first, and then focus on making the sale.”

To Sum Up 

Reading personal finance blogs is a great way to become familiar with basic financial concepts, develop a new perspective on money, and alter your thinking. To promote financial literacy for both personal and professional life, financial experts share free advice, shortcuts, and explanations of difficult financial terms in blogs. 

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